Care International launches seed, food fair in Zaka

ZAKA – Care International has launched a seed and food fair through its Enhancing Nutrition, Stepping Up Resilience and Enterprise (Ensure) programme, the objective being to improve nutrition in the district.

The launch was held at Chimbwembwe High School in Ward 24 where farmers exhibited different seeds and traditional foods.

Speaking at the launch, Zaka District Development Coordinator (DDC) formerly known as District Administrator (DA) Ndeya Nyede, who was the guest of honour, said the gathering was a challenge to everyone to play a part in marketing and raising awareness on locally-available nutritious foods

“We are here to play our part in marketing and raising awareness of locally-available nutritious foods and seeds so that we ensure food and nutrition security in Zaka district,” said Nyede.

Zaka district Ensure field supervisor, Fortune Tafirenyika said they were happy to be working with various implementing partners to make the programme a success.

“We are grateful and would like to thank our implementing partners who helped this event to be a success. We will continue working with various stakeholders to make sure that we achieve our goal,” said Tafirenyika.

The adjudicators said they looked at whether the dishes prepared had the four basic nutrients required namely carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and proteins. They also looked at quantity, quality, branding and presantability as well as labelling of the food.

Speaking at the same occasion, incumbent Chief Bota Kamurai Zezai urged people to work with Ensure to improve the availability of good food.

He said cattle should only be allowed to roam freely when all people have finished harvesting as freeing them prematurely was bad for food security.

“Don’t let cattle roam unattended before others are done harvesting. Village heads must also make sure that their people maintain roads so that when development comes, it reaches your doorstep,” said Zezai

Dorcas Charare and Moreblessing Charuka won the first and second prizes respectively and each walked away with a groundnut sheller and a kitchen dish each among other utensils.

Other winners walked away with kitchen utensils and farming equipment like plough shares and dishes.

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