Case Against Masvingo Publisher And Journalist Thrown Out

Masunda and Maunganidze’s lawyer, Arthur Marara, of Mucheche and Matsikidze law firm, said the Attorney General’s office was forced drop the case because of lack of evidence. The office said police should do further investigations.

“The trial could not continue due to lack of prosecuting evidence. The AG said the case is not worth to go for trial due to lack of evidence. He instructed the police to do further investigations,” said Marara.

Masunda and Maunganidze were set to appear in court in the capital after Mzembi filed criminal defamation charges against the two over a story that linked senior Masvingo politicians to the theft of President Robert Mugabe’s birthday gifts last month.

Among the alleged stolen gifts are hundreds of tones of sugar, and an unlimited quantity of fuel and beef.

However, The Mirror article never mentioned any names, but said ‘big names’ were implicated in the theft.

Marara also challenged why the matter was being handled in Harare when it originated in Masvingo, where there were competent courts, as well as police stations.

Two freelance journalists from Harare, believed to have been sent by Mzembi to spy on Maunganidze, were supposed to give evidence in court in support of Mzembi’s case.