Cash Crisis Hits Karoi Council

The meeting to seek a truce was held on Friday afternoon where part of 300 workers defied top officials call for understanding on financial crisis hitting the council for nearly three years.

Council secretary, Maxwell Kaitano had his address drawn in junior workers’ booing calling top management “thieves drying up council coffers”.

 Kaitano told workers that council is owed nearly two million US dollars by residents and business community who are boycotting paying rates.

Residents claim the rates are unjustified due to poor service delivery as garbage is not collected in all suburbs of Chiedza, Chikangwe and central business centre.

 “Council is not raising enough cash to pay off accumulating debts and salaries. We are appealing for your understanding on the delays. Council is broke…” said Kaitano and was booed with some workers denouncing top management as a team of thieves and crooks.

“Where are you getting money to leave large as top management? Salaries are not there for juniors only, it is unfair” shouted another worker from the floor.

Workers are likely to get 25% of their salaries early next year, Kaitano said.

Karoi council management officials are accused of financial abuse with the treasurer Abel Mutikani building a 28 room lodge in town while majority of workers are languishing in abject poverty.

Kaitano denied that top workers are corruptly awarding themselves soft loans running into thousands of dollars at the expense of the workers.

“Council has no money and we are sorry for the delays” he appealed.

However, the workers could not take it as they say council is making money.

“We have flea markets, guest house, rentals, and beer halls and stand infill that had inflated prices as sources of income but they claim there is no money. These are thieves and we want them investigated and arrested” said a middle management worker who denied to be named.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led council has failed to uproot housing stands scam where prospecting home owners were swindled nearly US$30 000 by an official Moses Chibaya who fled to South Africa in July in a well planned syndicate involving some councilors.

The council is now renting a beer hall in Tengwe, 50 kilometers away after Hurungwe rural council said it was loss making project