Cash Strapped Zim Police Officers Demand Bribes From Prostitutes

The suspects can negotiate for their immediate release before reaching the charge office as the police do not have transport to ferry them there.

Commercial sex work has been rife for the past eight years here due to economic and social challenges.

‘I met three officers who demanded that I pay US$10 as clearance fee or I risked spending a night in police cells for loitering’ said a 19 year old sex worker only identified as Irene from Chiedza Suburb here.

Those who fail to pay the ‘clearance fee’ are detained overnight before being forced to pay US$20 admission of guilt fine.
‘These officers are robbing us and we cannot make any income during the time when our clients have more money to spend,’ said another sex worker named Mercy aged 27 years.

The police officers however, accused the sex workers of harbouring criminals during the festive season.

‘Some sex workers are used as hideouts by criminals. They should report any police officer who demand bribes to the seniors,’ said an officer who denied to be named.

There was no immediate response from Officer Commanding Hurungwe district, Chief Supt David Mandizha as his mobile was constantly unavailable.