Castrate Old Men Who Entice Children Into Marriage: Grace Mugabe

The First Lady Grace Mugabe has called on the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs to align the existing laws to the new constitution to ensure that no marriages are allowed to children below 18.

She also said stiffer penalties should be meted on those engaging in child marriages.

The First Lady said older men who entice kids into early marriages should be castrated.

She said she will, on behalf of women in Zimbabwe, continue advocating for castration through various platforms in the country.

Dr Mugabe implored chiefs represented at the launch by Chief Fortune Charumbira to continue spreading the gospel against child marriages.

She castigated some sentences that are being given to perpetrators of child rape such as community service saying they leave a lot to be desired.

She took a swipe at some young school children who seduce older men saying they should first concentrate on their education, adding that school girls should do first things first.

The President’s wife said she is also not happy with some older women and members of the community who blame their children.

The First Lady said it is the responsibility of the community to build and bring up a child.