Catholic Radio Programmes Launched

The Roman Catholic Church affiliated Jesuit Communications office, in partnership with the State broadcaster, ZBC  have launched Catholic programmes on radio every morning and every Sunday.

The morning programme, a five minute slot for morning devotions, has been airing on channel Spot FM since Monday 25 January 2015.

The format of the daily devotions comprises a reading of the day and a short reflection.

The Sunday sessions are longer and are only available in English and Shona. The English sessions are on Spot FM just after their 9am news bulletin to 0930hrs. The Shona ones alternate between Radio Zimbabwe and National FM, from 0930 to 1000hrs.

The Sunday programmes are sermons based on one of the readings of that particular Sunday.

The Sunday programmes started airing on 25 January on Spot FM and have been going on and since then, Father Manyere, Father Isaac Fernandes and Fr Ignatius Padya have taken their time in the last three weeks to preach to our nation via Spot Fm.

Radio Zimbabwe and National FM have provided one Sunday each so far, with Fr Canaan Dumbura and Fr Fanuel Magwidi , respectively, being in charge.

On Sunday,more programmes will be added Spot Fm and on Radio Zimbabwe.


Jesuit Communications