Cephas Mashakada Dies

Mashakada was diabetic and was admitted last week after his conditioned worsened.

A source at Chitungwiza hospital said: “His diabetic condition had worsened. It was howver his kidney failure that eventually killed him and doctors could not do much.”

His wife also confirmed of his death around 3pm: “My dear husband is gone.” She said before breaking down.

Mashakada was diagnosed of diabetes some few years back, which resulted in his left leg being amputated.

He, however, has been in and out of hospital for routine check- ups. His wife, Eunice, has been sleeping at the hospital for the last two weeks.

Mourners are gathered at 2482, Unit B Seke, Chitungwiza

Paul Mpofu a gardener by trade was to form his first band, The Wild Ten, in 1978, with Cephas Mashakada.

The two formed Muddy Face, and took up music as full-time careers just a year later.

Muddy Face released a number of songs during the late 70s and 80s.

Muddy Face collaborated with fellow musician Job Mashanda, spawning Amai Mandigona and Denga Rababa. Mashakada and Mpofu had success after Job left, with hits such as Pinyanga, Kilimanjaro, and Nherera.

Mashakada is said to have had more than 15 albums to his name.