Change In Zimbabwe Next Year – Makandiwa

The charismatic leader who champions one of the biggest congregations in Zimbabwe said there are over a dosen major events pencilled for the country in 2013 which cannot be ignored.

“There are 17 major events taking place next year. When you receive prophecy change the way you pray. There is a time when what you are seeing now you will not see it anymore. Consider the people surrounding you. We need to pray for our nation. If the Lord tarries, I SEE THE COMING OF THE LORD. We are not far away from the coming of the Lord. Zimbabwe, we are going somewhere,” he said.

Makandiwa said those who want to know what God has planned for Zimbabwe should bring their note books at a News Year’s eve all-night prayer and write the things down and be ready to tick them as 2013 unfolds.

His SPIRITUAL FATHER, Ghanaian Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng has also highlighted that there is going to be political change in Zimbabwe and God is raising God-fearing politicians from the existing parties who are going to lead Zimbabwe into a new dispensation.

“I see God raising a new breed of Christian politics from different parties He wants to lead in different capacities to restore back the economy of Zimbabwe,” he said.-myzimbabwe