Chaos At Zanu (PF) HQ As Mugabe Salutes Demonstrators

Thousands of Zanu PF supporters are gathered outside the party headquarters in Harare demonstrating in support of  the First Lady Grace Mugabe’s entry into the party’s Women’s League.

The demonstrators include war veterans and their supporting groups as well as representatives of the Youth League.

They told the ZBC News that they are in support of the the President opposing those who want to usurp his position.

Meanwhile President Robert Mugabe  saluted the thousands of party supporters  saying he has been moved by the spirit of Chimurenga that they have shown.

He also saluted them for coming to “empty their chests on the ills bedevilling the party.”

He said those turning against him ahead of congress are evidently aspiring for higher posts.

President Mugabe said he is informed that Mutasa is vying for the party chairmanship post and that he discussed the issue with him, although Cde Mutasa has denied the allegations.

President Mugabe said one’s education and achievements are no reason to impose oneself in the party leadership.

He also said now that independence and freedom have been attained, the electorate should be allowed to exercise their right to vote and no candidate should be imposed on the people.

“If you are going to buy people using money you have no right to be in our party,” he said.

“You don’t deserve even if you were in the struggle. What’s wrong with Amai joining the Women’s League?” he asked.

He recounted how the late Sally Mugabe and other women established the Women’s League which had its roots in Ghana, the birth land of the late Amai.President Mugabe questioned why it has irked even war veterans like Jabulani Sibanda to have the First Lady join politics.

He recounted how the resistance to Amai was displayed in Manicaland and Mashonaland East when some people booed the First Lady while others beat drums during her address.

Mugabe said if one is elected chairman it does not mean he or she has power to nominate and choose who should occupy which position in the party, giving the example of Themba Mliswa.

He said measures will be put in place to ensure candidates are fairly chosen into party structures.

“We will ensure buses are availed for people travelling to congress,” he added.

Regarding war veterans, President Mugabe said Jabulani Sibanda was given a vehicle which is the reason why he is turning against his colleagues. He denounced “that kind of corruption” saying the nation’s grievances need to be addressed.

The President said he is aware of companies that have been asked to pay ten per cent to some party leaders.

“Congress will decide who has to be punished for wrong-doing in the party,” he said, adding, “We no longer want those going against the party.”

“Give us upright candidates at the congress,” the President said.

He also said supporters who come to demonstrate at the party’s headquarters should not be stopped,apparently in reference to reports that Jabulani Sibanda had attempted to stop some members from demonstrating with others.

President Mugabe said today’s Politburo meeting is meant to organise and prepare for the coming congress.Outgoing Women’s league boss Oppah Muchinguri was expected to present a comprehensive report about Grace Mugabe’s recent “Meet the People” rallies.