Chaos at Zanu PF victory celebrations

Rowdy youths who were believed to have been sent by the pro- Mujuru
faction arrived at the venue clad in party regalia and started to
heckle at everyone who wanted to address the delegates who were
invited from the seven districts of the whole province.
Minister of Higher and Tertiary education Stan Gorerazvo Mudenge who
was the guest of honour had to cut his speech early to avoid
embarrassment as the youths who were in the benches continued to tell
him that he was useless in the party.
“We do not know the actual role you are playing in the party, you are
very selfish and you have totally failed to represent Masvingo in the
politburo…minister, explain why you are failing to represent the
Karanga…” the youths said as they interjected continuously.
Though Zanu PF provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke had advised that
the youths be ignored to avoid serious clashes, their continuous
interjections forced the delegates to fast track their activities so
that they would end earlier than planned.
Very few ate the food which was prepared for the delegates as there
were suspicions of food poisoning possibilities.
In his speech, Mudenge, said he was not shocked because he knew some
detractors have penetrated the party structures in Masvingo but was
quick to point out that the people who are fueling confusion and
factionalism were going to be dealt with sooner than later.
“This does not surprise me. There are some detractors who have
penetrated our party structures, we know the people who want to bring
confusion here but I promise you that very soon, we are going to deal
with those unrepentant individuals,” Mudenge said amid heckling.
Senator Mandava who does not see eye to eye with Zanu PF politburo
member Dzikamai Mavhaire whom she contested with during party primary
elections in 2008 openly said the youths were sent by Mavhaire.
“We did not invite Mavhaire’s people here, why did these youths come
here, I think they must be chased away by the police,” said Mandava
who was visibly angry.
Mavhaire denied sending people to disturb celebrations

“I do not know why they suspect that I hate them. Of course they
rigged the election and made her (Mandava) Senator but I am just
quite. I am not fighting anyone,” said Mavhaire.