Chaos Mars Outreach Programme

An outreach meeting at Shingai Primary School in Chitungwiza had to be called off after one of the participants pulled out a gun in a row over who was to lead an opening prayer.

Constitutional Select Committee (Copac), co-chairman, Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the incident, saying only team members were supposed to lead, as participants had often said blasphemous and divisive prayers.

Police spokesmen declined comment on the matter, though Mwonzora said they had visited the school to investigate.

Skirmishes arose at Vimbai Primary School in Chitungwiza after youths from Zanu (PF) and MDC-T clashed over whether dual citizenship should be included in the constitution.

The two groups hurled missiles at each other and the meeting only continued after the intervention of police.

There were violent scenes in Mabvuku as well, with Copac cars being pelted with stones, while Mwonzora’s car was extensively damaged, when he went to monitor the situation.

Despite the setbacks, Mwonzora maintained that his team would forge ahead and see that it got to its “logical conclusion”

In Bulawayo, Copac drivers and technicians went on strike demanding their allowances, delaying outreach meetings by at least three hours.

The drivers and technicians claimed that they were supposed to have been paid on Friday, but Copac co-chairperson, Edward Mkhosi did not pitch with the money.

Mwonzora claimed that the strikers had been fired and legislators were to drive their cars to outreach meeting points.

“We cannot tolerate this nonsense and we have fired all the drivers for trying to sabotage the outreach programme in Bulawayo. I have instructed all the MPs to drive themselves to the venues,” he said.

Mwonzora blamed Zanu (PF) for the fiasco, citing that even the party’s legislators had not pitched for the outreaches.

“Zanu (PF) wants to sabotage Copac in Bulawayo its members are also nowhere to be seen,” he said.