Charles Ray Scorns "Naive" Zimbabweans Politicians Over Wiki leaks

Ambassador Charles Ray was speaking to journalists at a round table meeting in Harare on Tuesday.

“Anyone who talks to a diplomat and thinks it’s a private conversation is about as naïve as anyone who talks to a reporter and thinks that it’s a private conversation,” said Ambassador Ray, in his last official address to the local press.

He was quick to deny the Wiki leaks revelations permanently damaged his country and his own relations with Zimbabwean politicians.

The US diplomat also said the US was prepared to accept President Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s new leader in next year’s elections if he wins a free and fair election.

“Our policy is and has always been a credible election outcome is what we seek …we would like to see who ever the people of Zimbabwe select in a credible electoral process we would accept,” he said.

Ambassador Ray was quick to add that the Zimbabwean leader must first ensure free and fair elections before he can ask the west to remove sanctions on his government.

The US envoy said the worst moments he had in Zimbabwe during the three years he has represented his country were when he witnessed innocent citizens being brutalised along political lines.

Ambassador Ray’s three year long posting to Zimbabwe marks the end of his 30 year career as a diplomat.

Ray, who once served in his county’s military, is now retiring from 50 years of service to his government.