Chiadzwa Diamond Money Looted

During a brief interview with members of the Youth Alliance Against Corruption (YAAC) Madzimure raised serious concern on the level of corruption in the country adding that the scourge was now in all sectors of the economy.

“What is happening in Chiadzwa is very bad as the money realised from the sales of diamonds has not reached treasury as claimed in the state owned media. Only US$54 000 has been surrendered to (Finance) Minister (Tendai) Biti,” he said.

Madzimure also took a swipe at the state media of reporting unfairly cases of corruption that involves some individuals and in particular Zanu (PF) politicians.

“Some newspapers dilute issues and they try to cover up some individuals. This is very bad because as the media fair and balanced coverage has to be put and corrupt tendencies have to be publicised,” he said adding that some journalists were being used as pawns in a big corruption syndicate.

“Due to poor salaries being paid to journalists, many have been tempted to accept bribes in return for favourable coverage to politicians. It very unfortunate that the diamonds case has been taken lightly by the State media which very worrying because these national resources that belong to every Zimbabwean but a benefiting only a few,” said Madzimure.

The MP also commended the media for what he said was balanced coverage on World Anti-Corruption Day held in December. He also urged the youths to be fully involved in Anti-Corruption campaigns.

YAAC is an organization that was formed by young journalist to assist in the fight against corruption.

Some Zanu (PF) officials including President Robert Mugabe have been claiming that Minister Biti received millions of dollars that were enough to pay even civil servants.

Diamond mining at Chiadzwa has been shrouded in secrecy and there are reports that senior Zanu (PF) members are involved in the looting of the diamonds at Chiadzwa.