Chiadzwa Man Loses Testicle During Torture

A CHIADZWA man brutally beaten by suspected security officials, who accused him of unlawful entry into the diamonds fields, is now traumatised after doctors told him the injuries he sustained have made him infertile. 


Fungai Ziduche (33) from Zvidovanhu village in Chiadzwa had his right testicle removed by doctors last week after he sustained serious injuries on the groin when he was allegedly attacked by law enforcement agents in February, soon after government ordered diamond miners out of the area.

“I went for an operation last week and my right testicle was removed. I was admitted at Mutare General Hospital for four days and doctors told me that my chance of having children are next to none,” a tearful Ziduche told The Standard.

“l hoped to have my own family and wanted to marry by end of this year or early next year.

“What they did to me is bad and my life is now a nightmare because of the pain I went through.”

Ziduche, through his family members, made a formal report at Marange Police Station under RRB number 2591399. Police at Bambazonke in Marange recently visited him at his home to record a statement about the incident.

Ziduche said the culprits should be brought to book and wants to demand compensation from them.
“Recently police from Bambazonke came here and we told them what happened,” he said.

“But they said that they are going to pass the case to their seniors. They said they are not able to arrest people implicated as they are also their bosses. We know them and [we are] just waiting for the right time.

“The police have so far given us $220 and some medication but it is not enough. We want the culprits to be arrested and I am demanding compensation from them.’’

Ziduche’s sister Kudzinetsa said they were struggling to meet his medical expenses.

Kudzinetsa said she failed to take Ziduche for medical review at Mutare General Hospital last Tuesday due to the unavailability of funds.

“We are struggling financially because even today, we failed to raise the required $9 to go for a review. We are now waiting for my husband who is a teacher to get paid this week before taking him to see his doctors,” she said.

Manicaland police spokesperson inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said he only read about the matter in newspapers.

“I don’t really know what actually happened. I am not in office at the moment,’’ he said.

According to Ziduche, while he was sleeping in his cousin’s car at Tenda Shops on February 26, four police officers woke him up and took him to Mbada Diamonds base where he was savagely beaten, including on his private parts.

The incident happened just a few days after diamond mining companies operating in Chiadzwa were ordered to vacate the area after failing to renew their licences.

After the government ejected the diamond mining companies from Chiadzwa, a lot of mishaps have been happening.