Chief Negomo Loses Tsvangirai ‘Marriage’ Case

“It is ordered that the proceedings, judgement and order of the Negomo Community Court be annulled and set aside,” Justice Patel said in his ruling.

The matter had been taken to court after Tsvangirai refused to comply with the chief’s order to pay two beasts and two sheep for paying a bride price for Ms Locadia Karimatsenga on November 22 last year.

Culturally it is taboo to marry in the month of November because it brings bad luck.

Justice Patel’s judgement comes after conflicting judgements by two magistrates on the same matter.

One magistrate confirmed the decision and proceedings by Chief Negomo as proper while a more senior magistrate set aside the chief’s proceedings citing irregularities.

Speaking to journalists after the court session, Selby Hwacha of Dube Manikai & Hwacha Commercial Law chambers, representing Tsvangirai, expressed satisfaction with Patel’s ruling.

“This only confirms that there is no valid judgement at all against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, that is all I can say,” he said.

Last week the Prime Minister engaged a Harare boutique owner, Elizabeth Macheka, at a time Karimatsenga was said to have suffered a miscarriage in South Africa due to stress.