Chief Urges Zanu (PF) Leaders To Use Indigenisation Policy To Buy Votes

Speaking during a Zanu (PF) meeting for the community ownership scheme at the Civic Centre over the weekend, Chief Charumbira said: “The wealth and funds coming from these big companies should be used to appease and lure back our supporters. We should go there and drill boreholes, repair roads, clinics and other infrastructure so that we will win the hearts of the people to support us in the forth coming polls.”

Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Saviour Kasukuwere and Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo attended the chief’s meeting.

The meeting was held to prepare for the launch of the community ownership scheme in Masvingo to be addressed by President Robert Mugabe. Foreign owned companies operating in the province have been forced to raise $10 million for the scheme.

“We are talking here of huge amounts of money and we can wisely use it to our advantage in elections. We need to make sure that we win the elections and be a one party state again by putting that money directly to the people to support us,” he said.

Charumbira lambasted Zanu (PF) leaders in Masvingo and warned them to stop factionalism ahead of the elections.

“Zanu PF her is a laughing stock, we are always fighting each other along factional lines for selfish reasons while we are losing support.

We should stop that now and focus our attention on retaining our lost support so that we win elections and now that we have this money from the scheme we have an advantage,” Charumbira said.

Companies that had been targeted to bank roll Zanu (PF) campaign under the guise of contributing to communities in the province include, giant sugar producers, Tongaat Hulett, Rio Tinto’s Renco gold mine, Lithium giant Bikita minerals mine, Murowa diamonds mine and Save valley conservancies still owned by white operators.

Zanu (PF) has since launched the Presidential inputs scheme, yet another programme viewed by critics as a vote buying strategy ahead of next year’s break or make general elections.