Chihuri Demands US 3m From Constituition Team

In an interview with Radio VOP during the launch of the Radio Dialogue Report on Constitutional Reform Activities in Bulawayo at the weekend, the co-chair of the
Parliamentary Select Committee on the constitution, Douglas Mwonzora said Chihuri is demanding three million for 1000 officers.

“We wrote to Chhuri   requesting police officers to provide security at our outreach meetings but he said the police will only be able to provide 1000 officers at a cost of 3 million.

On top of that the commitee is expected to provide food and transport for the officers. This is a national duty and we do not understand why we are made to pay such a big amount a national duty”
said Mwonzora.

Mwonzora  said his committee was also fearing that 1000 officers may not be able to cover all the country’s wards. “ We are intending to  do three consultative meetings  for each  ward .
Considering that the country has got more than 700  wards it is clearly that the number of officers allocated to this mammoth task  is very little. This
are some of the issue which we think should be addressed before the exercise begins” said Mwonzora.

Mwonzora who was accompanied by his co-chairperson Edward Mukosi during the meeting said the outreach programme is set to begin in Mid February after some
disagreements among the three political parties over composition of outreach team.

“We have realized that there were people from other political parties who were accredited but were not supposed to be accredited. We have designed new
accreditation cards and come up with a new list of names of people who would participate in the outreach programme.

Those people who were fraudulently accredited in Harare will   certainly not be on the new list which will be published very soon in all national and community newspapers. The list will be
also given to police station as well as council offices” said Mwonzora. During the meeting Radio Dialogue Board Vice Chairperson Maurin Marasha handed
the report to Mwonzora and Mukosi.