Chihuri Must Go – MDC

Chihuri, openly supports President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF although he is supposed to be neutral.

The attack by the MDC comes of the wake by Chihuri publicly saying that Zanu PF cannot hand over power through the pen while addressing police officers who had gone to Mozambique for a trip.

 Chihuri was quoted as saying: “This country came through blood and the barrel of the gun and it can never be re-colonised through a simple pen, which costs as little as five cents.”

This has infuriated the MDC who say Chihuri must be neutral.

“The MDC calls on Augustine Chihuri, the Police Commissioner General, to leave the police force and take up a post in politics as a Zanu PF fanatic rather than masquerade as a top public service officer expected to work for all in an inclusive, just and fair custom.

“No police officer anywhere in the world would survive a day longer in public office if they display an openly partisan, discriminatory and biased view of the society s/he is employed to serve. Chihuri must simply resign and leave Zimbabweans with a professional and uncontaminated force that guarantees the people peace and security while executing their Constitutional mandate.

 “We were horrified by Chihuri’s weekend statements in which he derided free and fair elections as a form of national expression in a democracy. Most police officers are clear that they work for the people; for their country; and respect the law.

“Clearly Chihuri’s statements do not reflect this. Chihuri’s careless utterances fly in the face of Zanu PF’s calls for an election next year. They dampen the people’s confidence in the entire police force at a time when the majority of the senior police officers approached leaders in the Inclusive Government to rescue them from Chihuri’s grip in order to perform their duties as professionals,” reads a strongly worded statement from the MDC.

The MDC says it is criminal for Chihuri to publicly force his subordinates to ignore the people’s democratic voice, disrespect a free and fair election and instead, encourage them to flout the law.

Tsvangirai’s party said the utterances by Chihuri reveal a desperate trend inside Zanu PF that without force,  Mugabe’s party has no chance of winning an election.

Chihuri’s statement has come as a worry to Zimbabweans given that the Minister of Defence, Emmerson Mnangagwa made similar statements while addressing Zanu PF supporters in Kwekwe last week.

“That position ( Chihuri and Mnangagwa’s stances) vindicates the MDC’s desire for comprehensive security sector reform before the party participates in any future national elections. Under these reforms, the role of security forces must be clearly defined to enable Zimbabweans to exercise their generic right of freedom of expression — with their open hearts and minds — and using the pen as an indispensable tool.