Chihuri Vows To Crush Any Egypt/Libya Style Demos

Speaking for the first time after his controversial re-appointment by President Robert Mugabe, Chihuri said he was aware of political parties planning demonstrations similar to those that toppled the political leaders in Arab countries such as Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.

“It must be remembered that that there are some people right now who have criminal cases and are in our courts. These people planned to start Libyan/Egyptian style revolution by staging illegal demonstrations intended to overthrow the government. To such people, a weak, frail and feeble police is obviously an advantage,” said Chihuri while addressing a police pass out parade at Morris Depot on Thursday.

A group of social activists which includes Munyaradzi Gwisai and Hopewell Gumbo are currently facing trial for watching videos of the Egyptian revolution at a city hall last year in February.

“Right now we are aware that there is a small political party outside government, which wants to start mass protests in early March 2012.They have planned to start from Africa Unity Square employing dirty and desperate tactics such as hunger strikes and mass protests. The warped and polluted agenda is to try and overthrow the government.

“They are already de-campaigning the elections as noted by the incitement of people not to participate in the coming general elections,” said Chihuri in an apparent reference to Job Sikhala’s MDC 99 which has vowed to roll out mass protests and make the country ungovernable until President Robert Mugabe goes.

Sikhala said he was not afraid of being arrested and was quite happy to die fighting for democracy.

Chihuri said his police officers are aware of his plot “noted in their flyers entitled ‘one man vote to be assured’ which were being distributed along Sanyati/Kadoma road.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police and indeed all right thinking Zimbabweans, would not want to be part of this rebellion, which is witchcraft. This will bring a curse upon the country,” said Chihuri.