Chihuri, Zimondi, Chinese And Parastatals Shower Mugabe With Praise On Birthday

The ministries, state-run enterprises and other private enterprises booked full and half page adverts in the state-run Herald newspaper showering Mugabe with birthday messages on his 88 birthday anniversary which he celebrated on Tuesday.

The newspaper published a 16 page supplement with torrents of birthday wishes for Mugabe.

The Zimbabwe Prison Service described Mugabe as an “icon” while the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs equated the octogenarian leader to a “legendary icon”.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police described Mugabe as an “astute revolutionary”.

State enterprises such as fixed telecommunications provider, TelOne, mobile services provider, NetOne, Rural Electrification Agency, Grain Marketing Board, Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe National Water Authority, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority and Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation stampeded to convey their congratulatory messages to the ZANU PF leader despite the shoestring budgets they operate under.

Milk processor, Dairibord, Chamber of Mines, Greencard Medical Aid Society, Freda Rebecca Mine and the Cotton Company of Zimbabwe were among private enterprises that booked adverts congratulating the former freedom fighter.

Even ministerial portfolios controlled by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) also showered Mugabe with birthday wishes.

Chinese owned Sino-Zim Development Group, Mbada Diamonds and universities such as the University of Zimbabwe, Africa University, Zimbabwe Open University and Bindura University of Science Education also joined in the bandwagon of praising Mugabe.

Although the flurry of messages congratulating Mugabe could have come as a boom to the Zimpapers run newspaper, it also provided useful insight into how politics dictate business in Zimbabwe.