Child Abuse Claims In Itai Dzamara Demo Utter Rubbish: Patson

By Dr. Patson Dzamara

And so, the Herald carried a nonsensical article about our recent Itai Dzamara commemoration.

A commemoration I am singularly responsible for organising and leading in the spirit of keeping the memories of Itai Dzamara alive to the world and to his long suffering minors.

The position of the regime is that it was illegal for us to have Itai’s children accompany us to his commemoration together with some of our relatives and their friends. It is reported that a legal process has begun which will lead to my arrest.

Firstly, I wonder why this has become an issue today. For the past 17 months, Itai’s children are always a part of his commemorations each and every month. Itai is their father and they certainly know what happened to him. Involving them in anything concerning their father is not at all criminal.

Secondly, I do not see the novelty of my brother’s children together with our relatives and their friends to being allowed an opportunity to commemorate the abduction of their dad by this evil Zanu PF regime.

Whenever Mr. Mugabe or even his wife tour the country, they force schools to be closed and they force school going kids to partake in their tomfoolery. I always see young primary school girls railroaded and clearly forced to sing, dance and recite poems to the pleasure of Mr Mugabe and his minions.

Are they not kids?

In our case, those are Itai’s kids, our relatives and their friends. It’s just like asking why Mugabe travels to Singapore or to Binga for a rally with Chatunga. Who is Chatunga? It’s very clear. Chatunga is Zimbabwe’s forced President’s son. Is it abuse if he accompanies his father?

We know what abuse is. Abuse is abducting Itai Dzamara, leaving his children fatherless. Abuse is what we recently witnessed when ZRP brutalised parents in front of their children. Abuse is when ZRP chooses to teargas people’s homes, causing children to die like what happened recently. 

It’s really ridiculous and it boggles the mind that the minister of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, Prisca Mupfumira has the audacity to utter such nonsense. Shame on her. It just shows how their priorities are messed up. Instead of engaging the Dzamara family and helping us through this tough situation, all she can do is to utter such nonsense.

In any case, this repugnant regime has shown no heart since Itai’s abduction. It has instead invested in fear harvest, ridicule and outright scorn of our efforts to get answers on where our loved one is. To then invest in acres of space in newspapers attempting to create a scenario of war is desperation at its zenith.

Our commemoration of Itai Dzamara ‘s life is not criminal, neither can it be equated to a war by whatever stretch of imagination. But again this is Zanu PF it can even produce a sex tape for St Mary. It can create a case where there is none.

Zimbabweans, we are cursed with bad leaders. Instead of these stupid and clueless leaders of ours helping us to a place of closure and answers, they are looking for demons under every green tree.

Something is very wrong with them and I am ready for them. Bring it on. None of this rubbish will move me or stop the revolution. It’s time up Mr. Mugabe and you know it.


Shut up and bring back Itai Dzamara. #BBID