Chimanimani Headman Expels MDC Supporters

The headman accuses the MDC supporters of reporting three Zanu (PF) activists who had assaulted them to the police.

The seven were severely assaulted by a group of Zanu (PF) supporters led by Kumbirai Mushango, the Zanu (PF) district chairperson for the area and his deputy, Uleki Mugebe for attending the MDC district meeting in the area. One of the victims, Chirongwe was admitted at Mutambara mission hospital after he was hit by a stone on the head by Mushango.

The seven identified as Mary Kuretu, Lina Marova, Agnes Chishuro, Vivian Chase, Eunice Kuretu, Ndorekeraani Chirongwe and Naume Mutereke appeared before the traditional court of headman Timothy Madzianike facing charges of reporting to the police Zanu (PF) activists who in March this year severely assaulted them for attending an MDC meeting.

“Headman Madzianike summoned us to his court on Wednesday and accused us of reporting Zanu (PF) officials and war veterans to the police without first seeking his permission. As punishment we have been asked to pay US$30 each and leave the area with immediate effect,” said Kuretu. “The headman said he does not want MDC supporters in the area. Last night we slept in the bush,” she told Radio VOP in a telephone interview from the Chimanimani MDC district offices where she has sort refuge.

Kuretu said ironically her assailants, Mushango and Mugebe also attended the court session.

“Mushango and Mugebe assaulted us but they are being shielded by the headman. We have lost our homes for being victims of Zanu (PF)’s political violence. Where is the inclusive government?” asked Kuretu in tears.

The MDC supporters reported the case to the police but the police took time to investigate the case until last week when they finally started to carry out some investigations.

The MDC district coordinator for Chimanimani office, Pardon Maguta expressed concern over the latest development in the area.

“The headman and Mushango have caused a lot of suffering for our members in this area. Previously they have tortured, harassed and beaten our members. They are taking advantage of the remoteness of the area,” said Maguta.

The headman could not be reached for comment.