China steals the show at ZITF

China, considered Zimbabwe’s all-weather friend, is occupying 500 square meters of space with 200 business people for the exhibition.

The country is one of the major sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) for Zimbabwe and has one of the fastest growing economies. It is one of the countries Zimbabwe is targeting to help boost its economic growth through increased inflows in FDI which would enable projects in the medium term plans to be implemented.

ZITF General Manager, Daniel Chigaro, said this was China’s largest participation which had brought 40 companies.

A high powered Chinese business delegation of about 170 was also expected to grace the occasion.

The delegation is seeking to identify viable investment projects in Zimbabwe as well as establish strategic partnerships with their Zimbabwean counterparts.

Shan Hui Yuan, Vice President of Ruhn Power, a power plant engineering Technology Company who was already in the country for the exhibition said China and Zimbabwe complemented each other in that Zimbabwe was rich in natural resources while China was rich in technology.

“It is very important for China and Zimbabwe to work together. Zimbabwe is very rich in resources but has no idea how to exploit them and in China we have technology, which we can use together to tap those resources,” said Yuan.

He added that ZITF was a bridge for the two countries to discuss further cooperation.

Other foreign exhibitors include representatives from the European Union with small stands from Italy, Poland and Germany.

“Namibia, Pakistan, South Africa and China are also participating in a big way. South Africa are occupying 400m2 as they did last year while China are occupying 500m2 representing 35 companies,” said Chigaru.

Other foreign countries participating include Botswana, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, Iran, Malawi, Mozambique and Zambia.

Zambian President Michael Sata will officially open the show-piece on Friday.