Chinese Envoy Urges Stability and Reforms In Zimbabwe

“Our advise is that try to keep the country’s stability in economy and in politics,” said the Chinese diplomat on Thursday when he bade farewell to Prime Minister Tsvangirai at his Strathaven home.

The Chinese envoy, now headed for Namibia on similar deployment, urged the country’s leaders to embrace change if they want to take the country forward.

“Don’t forget to do reforms. When we talk about reform don’t think that such a reform is a frame work reform or the system reform. It’s kind of to correct your mistakes. Reform means that when you find somewhere is not suitable for this country then you need to do something to correct your mistakes,” he said.

Tsvangirai said Zimbabwe was well on course for a possible credible poll since the current constitution making process was nearing completion.

“We have got our disagreements…I think that the country is much more hopeful and stable of course there are so many areas where we have had limited achievement,” he said.