Chinese Party Pledges To Work Closely With MDC

This was revealed after a high powered delegation from China’s ruling party met Prime Minister Tsvangirai at his Munhumutapa offices in Harare on Monday evening. The Chinese are in Zimbabwe at the invitation of Zanu (PF) as the two organisations have a long history of working together during the liberation struggle.

The MDC leader has since assuming office last year been on a charm offensive of ruling parties across the world, some of which have been long time friends of Zanu (PF).  Parties like the ANC have become very close to the MDC than Zanu (PF) due to serious lobbying by Tsvangirai and his top officials.

Tsvangirai’s aides told Radio VOP that the head of delegation, Hon Wang Gang, had told Tsvangirai that they were grateful to meet him and his party and said they were ready to work well together.

“The Chinese delegation leader praised the prime minister for his courage and described him as a force to reckon with. It was a good gesture coming from a party which Zanu PF claims to monopolise. They said the prime minister was welcome to visit China and said the MDC and the Chinese Communist Party shared a lot in common,” said a top Tsvangirai aide.

Before Tsvangirai went into a closed meeting where journalists were not allowed, he told the delegation the MDC had a lot in common with the Communist Party.

“Both our parties have the interests of the poor at heart. The MDC is a people’s party formed after the liberation struggle. It is a party motivated by the working people and the poor.  That is why the MDC and the Chinese Communist Party have a lot in common as we look after the interests of the poor.

“The MDC formed a coalition government with Zanu (PF) as we saw it as a necessity to achieve economic stability. With Zanu (PF) we are two different formations with different values. But we have put aside personal partisanship for the sake of the people.

“The objective of the MDC in government is to help rebuild the economy and prepare for elections. I will be visiting China shortly to strengthen bilateral relations between your party and the MDC,” said Tsvangirai.

The Chinese delegation is also said to have commended the MDC for joining the inclusive government as it had brought stability to the country.

After Mugabe, a former darling of the West was dumped by his former associates, he turned to China for salvation and has been singing praises of the Chinese people but little in terms of tangible investment has come through to Zimbabwe.

Top Chinese leaders always avoid coming to Zimbabwe when they visit the region preferring to go to more stable countries like Zambia and Tanzania.