Chinhoyi Residents Snub Unity Day Commemorations

Although it was a national holiday declared to celebrate the Unity accord signed between PF Zanu and PF Zapu in 1987, many people do not pay much attention of its significance.

“We are at work and will only break a day before Christmas” said a worker at Edgars clothing shop within the town central business centre.

Most major shops among them Topics, Bata, Power Sales, Number One were opened throughout the day.

A spontaneous survey in the provincial capital situated about 120 kilometers North West of Harare revealed that even small business enterprises were opened.

“I can not afford to miss a day as just a sale will make the difference for me financially. The dollar is elusive and I can not afford a holiday” said Chipo Mudenga of Gunhill.

Banks were shut down in the town but it was busy at TM, OK and Farm and City grocery shops.

“Today is just like an ordinary working day”, said a street vendor Petros Matongo who sales cell phone gadgets.

He added that the holiday had not made any difference for him.

“Cash flow is affecting many who can afford to spend much” he added.

 Forty five year old Stephen Muriga said motorists were buying spares and oil impressively.

“At least the sales are good today”, he said.

The unity day was a political agreement between Zapu led by late national hero Joshua Nkomo and Zanu’s President Robert Mugabe in 1987.

This Unity Accord followed disturbances in Matabeleland and Midlands where government trained 5th Brigade unleashed terror on civilians where at least 20 000 civilians are alleged to have been killed.