Chinotimba Wants Unity Govt To End Next Week

Chinotimba said the former liberation war fighters who are staunch backers of President Robert Mugabe,s Zanu (PF) party said the war veterans want the inclusive government to end as it has failed to have sanctions removed.

“This unity government must end on February 11. It must not be extended, sanctions are yet to be removed. We must then go back to the old constitution where
President Mugabe remains the head of state,” Chinotimba said.
“We met as war veterans and that is what we want. And to go for an election later this year.”
Mugabe, who turns 87 this year has complained that the unity government is not working according to what he expected when the GPA was signed between himself and the two leaders of MDC formations, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara who was by then still leader of his faction. He has said the inclusive government must be ended as the parties in the GPA continue to disagree on fundamental issues. Mugabe always turns to war veterans for support during election time.
However, a new war veterans group calling itself the Zimbabwe National War Veterans Coordinating Committee recently published press statements saying they are pushing for the formation of a non partisan association for the former liberation war fighters.
“In an effort to unite all war veterans, the coordinating committee is now finalising consultations with all stakeholders in order to form a new non partisan
organization which will represent all war veterans, ” the Zimbabwe National War Veterans Coordinating Committee said.
“The current confusion and conflict within war veterans is caused by politicians who want to use war veterans for personal political gain.The new
organization will represent all war veterans regardless of their welfare, give them recognition, dignity and respect for liberating and serving the country.

It is never too late to re-organize ourselves and re-gain the respect of the people we liberated and served by guaranteeing them peace and stability.”