Chipawo mentored AfroJazz artiste speaks on debut album

By Tafadzwa Muranganwa

A local Afrojazz artiste who is a product of  Chipawo(Children ‘s  Performing Arts Workshop) caught up with Radio VOP  and   poured his out on the inspiration he got from  the trust and  his forthcoming debut album.

The 34-year-old Maizon Tazvitya  heaped  praises on Chipawo  for  honing his musical talent at a tender age.

“I was exposed to music through Chipawo where as a child one would  be in classes to develop ,nurture talent   by   reinforcing the cultural and educational system through performing arts training,” said the Dzivarasekwa-born musician.

He says under the tutelage of arts guru    Stephen Chifunyise    he was able to refine his artistry by enrolling for a diploma in music at the Zimbabwe College  of Music.

“During the reign of Stephen Chifunyise as the permanent secretary of education I benefitted immensely from his expertise at Chipawo where I was now an instructor.

“I later enrolled for a diploma in music at  Zimbabwe School of Music and my next target is a degree at Midlands State University, ”added  ethnomusicologist and former music  secondary teacher

Currently , Maison is  a  humanitarian worker under USAID grants in Manicaland but is shrugging off  the work  demands  by  working on  his debut album titled ‘Pfumvudza’.

The upcoming album  has been buoyed by the success   of  one of his single ‘Majurumbwe’  which is currently on ZBC’s Power FM musical charts.

“I have two singles Majurumbwe and Tamari but it is Majurumbwe that has charmed many people hence it made it to Power FM charts   prompting  me to think of   producing my first album, ”revealed the well-travelled artiste who during  his stint at Chipawo went to Germany,SA,Mozambique and Zambia .

Backed by his band Ancient Tribes, Maizon says the coming album ‘Pfumvudza’ is a 12-track-album laden with social commentary songs   that speak   on togetherness, hard work and being passionate with what one does in every  sphere of   life.

The debut album is slated for release in April and is being produced by Mehluli Moyo affectionately known as Taz of  Africa Revenge which is famed for producing popular song Wanga.

According to Maizon, the music industry can grow if  government licenses  more radio stations as most musicians of his folk  struggle to get airplay.

“It will be a welcome development to have more radio stations as there is a tendency by the local radio station to prefer the most sought after genres like Sungura and Zimdancehall thereby secluding my genre Afrojazz ,”the artiste hopes.

Maizon became one of the many artistes that Chipawo has churned out and these include Tinevimbo Chimbetete better known as Tulk Munny in the music circles.