Chipinge town council to build public toilets

By Mukai Musimwa

CHIPINGE- The Town Council has promised to build three public toilets in the town centre in response to concerns raised by residents who struggle to find places to relieve themselves as they go about their business.

The public toilets are expected to be completed by year end.

Chipinge urban Ward 8 councillor Christopher Rambo said that the issue of public toilets in the town center has become topical with residents saying they face challenges when they want to relieve themselves when they are doing their business in town.

“The town does not have public toilets which can be accessed by everyone. This has been a big challenge for most people and they raised this issue which we saw fit to address before year end.

“We have plans to build three public toilets in town for people to use. We know the importance of toilets and people should be able to access these toilets at their convenience.

“It is very difficult to run a town where people cannot access toilets. This will eventually lead to people relieving themselves in any secluded place. This will taint the image of our town hence the reason why we resolved to construct the toilets for our people,” said Rambo.

Rambo said the issue of public toilets was further pursued by vendors who ply their trade in the town center.

“A lot of people get into town to go about their businesses and with this huge number of people comes a responsibility of providing ablution facilities.

“Vendors who trade in town pushed for the establishment of public toilets and the council finally agreed to have the toilets constructed,” said Rambo.

One vendor who spoke to TellZim News said that the move by the council is most welcome and will go a long way in ensuring that the town is kept is clean.

“Most vendors used any ally in town to relieve themselves. You find that there are some areas with terrible stench from urine and human waste. This is because there are no public toilets for people to use so they end up using the readily available option which is detrimental to our town,” said the vendor.