Chiredzi Girl (13) Snatches Stepfather

By Elizabeth Mashiri

Chiredzi, January 30,2014 – A Chiredzi girl (13) recently snatched her mother’s husband and forced the mother out of both the marriage and the matrimonial home in a case that has shocked the sleepy sugar cane producing town.

The mother was forced to leave her biological daughter to take over her husband,home and three children that she sired with the husband.

The girl was staying with her mother,stepfather Murevandirete Utete(34) and three siblings from her stepfather and mother’s marriage as a family at 243B Mudzanga Farm in Chiredzi when the father suddlenly fell in love with her.

Utete then impregnated her stepdaughter and had a baby boy and thereafter divorced his wife.

The stepdaughter remained as the new wife and is now a stepmother to her own half brothers and sisters.

It all started after Murevandirete Utete had sex with the stepdaughter by the river and one thing led to another.

It is the state’s case that in january 2012 at Chiredzi river Utete had sex with a minor and after that the two got married.

Prosecutor Prosper Chipangura told the court that before the incident,Utete and the complainant lived together as a family since the minor’s mother was married to him.

The court however charged the accused for having sex with a minor after the matter was reported to the police by the child’s mother.

Utete pleaded guilty to the charges.

In mitigation,Utete pleaded with the court to sympathise with him because he was both the father and the mother of the family since his wife was young and could not take care of such a big family.He said the state should at least spare him a jail sentence.

The resident magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda however,slapped him with an effective six months jail sentence saying that Utete knew that he was engaging in a relationshipwith a minor and that he had no right to have any sexual activity with a minor.

Mirror (Masvingo)