Chiredzi school principal holds domestic worker hostage

…locks gates, cuts off water for days

By Beatific Gumbwanda

CHIREDZI – South Eastern College (SEC) acting principal, Contact Chigayo is being accused of keeping his predecessor’s domestic worker hostage at the school premises as part of a retribution campaign, TellZim News can reveal.

Chigayo is said to have sent school employees to lock the gate of the residence where the former principal Tawanda Chimhamhiwa used to stay before his dismissal for alleged misappropriation of school funds a few months ago.

Sources said there was bad blood between the two, and Chigayo is suspected of orchestrating Chimhamiwa’s dismissal which he, however, is challenging in court.

Chimhamhiwa has also refused to totally vacate the school residence, arguing that he would only do that if the legal case he has launched goes against him.

Though he himself is no longer staying there, he left behind a fowl run with 500 birds under the care of his employee Willie Chikosi whom Chigayo has now allegedly imprisoned by locking all the gates and assigning a security guard to make sure he does not escape.

The acting principal has also allegedly cut off water supply to the residence which is said to have caused the death of a good number of Chimhamhiwa’s chickens.

TellZim News visited the place this week and found a distraught Chikosi lingering inside the palisade-fenced premise with no chance of escape.

“It has been four days now since they locked me here inside. I am being watched by a security officer so that I don’t run away. They have since cut off water supply to this residence and the chickens that I must take care of here are dying of thirsty and hunger. I can no longer find the chicken feed which I last received a few days ago.

“Mr Chimhamhiwa is also barred from entering this premise. I am just being given some food over the gate. Some police officers came and asked some questions but they did not rescue me,” said Chikosi.

When contacted for comment, Chimhamiwa said since he had been trying to remain rational pending finalisation of the legal case, he was shocked by what he said were drastic measure taken by Chigayo.

“A hostel got burnt down last week and they wanted to move the children into my residence and I had no problem with that. I am now shocked that the acting principal has kept my worker hostage, depriving him of water. Some 15 of the chickens of are now dead,” said Chimhamhiwa.

When Chigayo was contacted for comment, he said all was well and no one was being kept hostage.

“Everything is fine here. It is a lie that someone is being kept hostage,” said Chigayo.