Chirumanzu chieftainship wrangle rages on

By Stephen Chadenga
The Chirumanzu chieftainship dispute has continued to rage on amid reports that the acting chief Fidelis Mudzengi is refusing to step down to pave way for the incoming traditional leader, Julius Chigegwe, who is supposed to inherit the throne, RadioVop has learnt.
Despite agreeing to handover the chieftainship last year, Mudzengi is now still holding to the office and has reportedly manoeuvred to be appointed the substantive chief.
Mudzengi is son to the late Chief Jerald Mudzengi.
But according to the family chieftainship Chigegwe is supposed to be the successor to the late traditional leader.
The Chirumanzu chiefs clan has since written to national Chiefs Council president Fortune Charumbira to resolve the matter.

“We the people of Chirumanzu represented by our elders in Chirumanzu chieftainship clan made out of two houses of Nherera and Simba and their two sub houses which are the heirs to Chirumanzu chieftainship and traditional leaders of our people in all the wards of Chirumanzu seek to petition the national chiefs council for help in upholding due process and procedure for the nomination confirming that appointment of Chief Chirumanzu following the death of the former Chief Jerald Mudzengi two years ago on the 5th February 2019,”the clan wrote in a letter dated June 10, 2021.
According to the letter Mudzengi signed in an agreement of 30 October last year, agreeing to step down following the expiration of his acting role on the 5th of February this year.
On November 4 last year Mudzengi went on to write a letter to the district development coordinating office with instructions of the nomination of Chigegwe and that the nomination be processed.
Mudzengi is however backtracking and is now refusing to relinquish power.
The Chirumanzu clan has also accused the provincial chiefs council of failing to meet them on several occasions.
“We seek the help of of the national chiefs council for audience to help resolve the matters causing the provincial chiefs council not to meet the Chirumanzu clan to discuss matters of chieftainship,”the clan further wrote.
Provincial development coordinator Joram Chimedza said although the Chirumanzu clan approached him over the matter, his hands were tied to comment over it.
Deputy chiefs president and head of the Midlands provincial chiefs council, Chief Ngungumbane has since said he will not the discuss the issue in the press.
Repeated efforts to contact Mudzengi were unsuccessful as his mobile number was unreachable.