Chisanno Refuses To Be Drawn Into Zanu (PF) Propaganda

Chissano, the first winner of the Mo Ibrahim US$ 5 million given to an African leader who excel in promoting democracy on the continent refused to answer leading questions on sanctions from Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) reporters who attended a conflict and peace lecture he gave at the Midlands University in Gweru at the weekend.

Chissano was asked to comment on the so-called “illegal sanctions” but he just looked at the reporters and laughed as he walked away. Even further attempts to arm twist him by saying the call for the removal of sanctions was endorsed by the last Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit in Namibia did not succeed in moving him to answer.

Chissano who has since the genesis of the Zimbabwean political crisis tried to reason out with Mugabe to embrace modern day democratic styles of leadership, emphasised the importance of peace and amicable ways of solving conflicts in economic development.

Many hard pressed poor students missed his lecture at the Gweru-based University because they were asked to pay US$50 in entrance fees. The students most of who are already failing to pay school fees could not raise the amount needed to be admitted in the university’s
multi-purpose main hall.