Chivi Goat Gives Birth To Human-Like Creature

By Itai Muzondo

There was pandemonium in Chivi on Thursday as locals scrambled to have a glimpse of a mysterious creature born by a goat which looked like a human being.

The goat gave an untimely birth after being struck by a haulage truck. Those who witnessed the incident said the creature was a result of bestiality.

Eye witness, Arnold Hungwe said people were tongue tied as they saw a young goat which looked like a human being.

 “This is quite an unusual incident where a goat produces such a mysterious creature. We wonder what would have come out of it if the tragic incident would not have disturbed its cycle to a normal delivery.

 “It really caused a scene today at the growth point as some locals are even equating it to a human like figure. What left villagers speechless however was that the goat used to give birth to kids with normal  features,” said Hungwe.

However, Masvingo Provincial Veterinary Officer Dr Richard Maunganidze  discarded bestiality as he believed that it is one of the hundreds of viruses that affect animals.

“Goats are prone to hundreds of viruses that can lead to abnormal births though it is normal that such scenes raise everyone’s eyebrows.

“I however cannot start disclosing and explaining the number of viruses now as they there are quite a number but we urge locals to visit the nearest veterinary clinic in such incidents for help,” said Maunganidze.

In a related issue, The Chronicle carried a similar story in 2009 where a goat gave birth to a human – like creature which died within hours. The daily wrote, “…the creature had a human head, face, nose, shoulders and human like skin that had very scanty furs. It had goat features from the shoulders to the legs and dogs were even afraid to move close to the goat”


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