Chiyangwa Causes Stir While Shopping

Dressed in a glowing white cotton suit, Chiyangwa, a figure known for flamboyance and pomp, walked into the supermarket accompanied by his wife.

He was speaking on his mobile phone with his voice at high pitch making communication among other shoppers difficult.

He paced up and down the supermarket aisles, making sure that everyone noticed him while at the same time talking on his mobile. He constantly used sign language with his wife because he would not stop talking on the phone.

Meanwhile, a few excited shoppers tried to greet the famous Harare citizen but he rebuffed almost all of them as he concentrated on his mobile phone.

This writer even tried to eavesdrop into his telephone conversations but failed to make heard or tail of it. His almost hour-long conversation should have been with somebody special because he never put his mobile phone down. Occasionally he moved his cell phone from one ear to the other at the same time throwing grocery items in his two shopping trolleys that kept two supermarket workers busy.

“It’s shopping the Chiyangwa way,” one shopper whispered.

Among some of the items that were easily recognisable on his shopping basket, was a one-litre Jameson whisky bottle, several bottles of champagne, cuts of first choice grade meats, assorted fruits and many other goodies that would leave any ordinary shopper green with envy.

During the shopping spree, the flamboyant Harare tycoon, could have covered a kilometre or so in his movements. Even the stares of other shoppers would not deter the showman.

He however reserved the best for the last.

As the transactions of the groceries were being made, Chiyangwa would occasionally flash wads of United States Dollar bills. He would count a little bit and take a moment before counting again as he continually spoke on the phone. As his groceries were being packed into shopping bags, he would again pace up and down still on his mobile phone and occassionally taking some fresh air outside the supermarket in the car park.

After such a show, suppermarket workers were probably expecting a tip after being kept busy for such a long time. But with Chiyangwa there is nothing like that as one Spar supermarket shelve packer attested. “He never pays a tip and I would not help him again.”