Cholera Outbreak Looms In Harare

So serious is the problem that the refuse has been accumulating in the streets for the past two months.

Residents are angry that the city fathers had failed to clear the filthy dumpsites despite media reports that alleged they were earning between US$10 000 to 15 0000 a month, a salary that can pay about 100 teachers.

When contacted for a comment the Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda refused to comment and referred all questions to the public relations department. However, the Public Relations spokespersons were constantly available for comment, Leslie Gwindi did not pick up his phone while Muza was unavailable on his mobile. Both were constantly said to be out of the office.

But a source at the Townhouse, who requested anonymity, said that there was so much mismanagement of council funds taking place which she blamed on the top officials.

Residents of Warren Park condemned the council for the lack of competency and reliabilty for they have gone for two months with unemptied bins.

A Warren Park 1 resident Delight Mudzengi said: “It is sad to know that the city fathers are always eager to neglect public rights in an effort to invest… in their already fat pockets”

Christine Kasango said the situation was worse in Mbare where she resides and her reasons were that it is because it is a high density surbub.

“…ah mutori nane, kwedu tinogara nesewage mumba,dai kuri kuBorrowdale pamwe vaitorawo mabin (You are far much better, we practically stay with sewerage in the house),” she said.

In 2008 grave diggers at Granville Cemetery ended up digging 300 graves a fortnight as compared to the usual 45.

In 2008 the cholera outbreak affected more than 100 000 people and killed 4 000 countrywide.

Some residents have resorted to burning their own trash.