Chombo Denies Firing MDC Council Officials

“All those who feel that l am a pain in their life and l am frustrating their operations at Councils around the country have a right to challenge their dismissal at courts and its unfortunate most of those council officials who have faced the axe one way or the other they have cases to answer so who am l to hire and fire when the Urban Councils Act is my shield,” said Chombo told Radio VOP while laughing.

“All the councillors who have been fired so far had abused their office or committed offences as stipulated in the Urban Councils Act. People who peddle these lies are uninformed, they must go to those who have been fired and ask them to go to court and appeal because they know in their hearts that they are guilty,” he said.

On Bulawayo City Council (BCC) up-date on investigation on corruption, Chombo said he was scheduled to receive the report anytime.

He urged residents to elect into office councillors with integrity, who go into council to offer public service not those who work on their personal business and agenda.

However, High Court Judge Justice Happias Zhou, recently granted the final order sought by Chinhoyi Mayor, Claudius Nyamhondoro’s lawyers suspending the disciplinary hearing or inquiry into allegations of misconduct levelled against the MDC mayor.

Nyamhondoro and Councilor Owen Charuza are each being charged with three counts of misconduct, which they deny.