Chombo Is A Cruel Man: Zvidzai

Zvidzai ‘s  sentiments came after Chombo on Thursday suspended Gwanda mayor Lionel De Necker who belongs to the smaller faction of the MDC on allegations of  defying  his  orders .
“He is a cruel man who is abusing the Urban Council Act firing MDC mayors and councilors day in, day out.  He is destroying the country’s local authorities using this Act, he still can’t believe that Zanu PF is no longer running our towns and cities,” Zvidzai told Radio VOP on Friday.
Zvidzai added: “The Urban Council Act should actually be repealed as it is giving too much power to Chombo”.
Chombo has been crossing swords with the former opposition party since his Zanu PF party began losing control of urban councils to the MDC. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai recently said Chombo was attempting to destroy the MDC by dismissing elected councillors ahead of watershed polls to be held most likely next year.
The Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe (ECAZ) an association which represents councillors has also been lambasting Chombo for trying to decimate MDC councils.
Early this year the Chombo fired MDC-T Mutare mayor Brian James on allegations of misconduct. He claimed the suspension of James was in the interest of ensuring sound local governance for effective and efficient service delivery in Mutare City.
Recently, he also sent a team to probe the Bulawayo City Council, sparking fears he was up to no good.
Chombo says the reason why he is dismissing MDC mayors and councillors is because most of them are corrupt.