Christians To Boycott Woolworths

Churches and Christian radio stations, TV programmes and magazines are readying themselves to appeal to hundreds of thousands of Christians to agitate for the reintroduction of the literature in Woolworths stores.

The campaign will be accompanied by a boycott call if Woolworths does not comply.

One of the leaders of the campaign is Errol Naidoo, who heads the Family Policy Insitute, a Christian lobby group.

Last week Woolworths said it was removing Christian magazines due to low sales. But the company told the magazines it had a policy not to stock religious and political literature.

Naidoo wrote to Woolworths chief executive Simon Susman, complaining about the decision. He said the company could not have overlooked its policy for eight years.

In reply , Susman said:“Our teams were regrettably in error in listing this kind of publication. They have now been reminded of the policy.”

Naidoo said on Wednesday that he was writing an e-mail for hundreds of thousands of people, urging them to lobby the store to reinstate the magazines. – Cape Argus