Church Camping Site Torched

Church Elder Raphel Maponda, told Radio VOP that following the heckling of former governor and Chivi-Mwenezi Senator Hosiah Hungwe on Sunday, by church members, elders of the sect had been receiving threatening messages.Church members and elders had cut Hungwe’s speech short, accusing him of politicking. Hungwe had called the church members to support Zanu PF and President Robert Mugabe.

On Thursday morning church members were shocked to see the church’s traditional Maparanyanga Camp, about 20 kilometers out of town along Bulawayo road, had been razed destroying property worth over US$ 1 000.

“We are going to call for an urgent meeting today or tomorrow and find the way forward,” said Maponda.  “We highly suspect that CIOs are behind this move because since Sunday, we started to receive some threats from known CIOs who said we were not supposed to humiliate Hungwe.

“We never humiliated him. All we did was to ask him to sit down when we discovered that his speech was sour to our church members.”

Maponda said he had filed a police report at Masvingo Rural police but nothing had been done so far.

“We reported the case to the police but nothing has been done. We highly suspect foul play because almost every elder received a different kind of threat since Sunday. We might be forced to look for another praying site,” he added.

Masvingo acting police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Prosper Mugauri, said he received the report but everything was still under investigation.

“We have received such a report but it’s too early to come up with what happened, maybe it was just a result of veld fire. We are investigating,” said Mugauri.

Hungwe refused to be associated with the fires.

“I am out of it. Right now I am in Chivi, how can you link my service there with fire? It is just an accident,” said Hungwe.