Church Expells MDC Members

A church official confirmed the incident saying this was because the church wanted to remain apolitical.

“The people you are talking about were not expelled from the church but instead they withdrew themselves because they breached the rules of the church willingly, said the leader of the church in Gokwe, Muvhangeir Elisha Mutembeleki. “Our church does not entertain politicians, but we pray for them to prosper. These people are aware of that fact but they persisted doing politics.”

Movement for Democratic Change Midlands Provincial Chairman Cephas Zimuti, a councillor Marisa, party member Wondor Gomba and several others were believed to have been ejected from the church recently.

“I was told by church leaders here that I was no longer allowed to attend church with them because I belong to MDC,” said Zimuti.

He said the expelled members had started to pray together separately from the church.

Mid this year Zanu (PF) President Robert Mugabe visited the Johanne Marange Apostolic sect in Manicaland in an effort to garner political support.