Church Leaders Up Pressure On Mugabe

By Sij Ncube

Harare, September 25, 2016 – ZIMBABWEAN church leaders from five Christian groups have given President Robert Mugabe a week to start addressing the country’s deepening political and economic crisis, threatening to push parliament to impeach the Zanu PF leader if he failed to comply.

The church leaders want Mugabe to admit that the country was indeed in dire straits and on the brink of a fully fledged civil unrest.

They also want Mugabe to swallow his pride and initiate national dialogue aimed at coming up with solutions for the battered country.

They also want his government to stop brutalising citizens for expressing their genuine grievances during demonstrations.


State repression has increased in Zimbabwe since anti-government protests began in July this year over government’s continued failure to address the country’s deepening economic crisis.

Last week’s protests saw five opposition MPs arrested while dozens were bashed by police with images of buttock wounds on some women being shown to a Harare court.

The letter to Mugabe, who stubbornly denies responsibility for the prevailing crisis, was delivered Friday.

It was endorsed and subsequently signed by Bishop Ancelimo Magaya of Zimbabwe Divine Destiny, Reverend Useni Sibanda of the Zimbabwe Christian Alliance, Kudakwashe Makuwe of the Prayer Network of Zimbabwe, Tedious Munemo of the Zimbabwe Pastors’ Fellowship and Reverend C. Zenda of the Christian Voice.


“If you fail to address these issues by September 28, we will be forced to exercise our democratic right to petition Parliament to impeach you,” reads part of the letter.

“We also want to appeal to your conscience to repent before God for having presided over massacres in Matabeleland during mid-1980s, maimings, torture, abductions and killings that have become a part of your government. On the basis of the prophetic mandate endued on the church, we warn that God’s judgement is imminent if you will not repent.

 “Also, be reminded of the word of God which says that he will punish the children because of the sins of their fathers down to the third and fourth generations. We pray that your children will come to the knowledge of the Lord so that they escape from the curse associated with your sins.”


But critics point out that several bids to impeach Mugabe in the bicameral parliament have come unstuck in parliament as Zanu PF enjoys more than two thirds majority as party legislators are whipped into line before any voting.


Meanwhile, Bishop Magaya has organised an open church service at which Christians will be called to speak out against the evils taking place in the country, notably the mass starvation and bloody political violence which could, if unchecked, lead to civil war.

The church service will take place in Harare on Saturday 1 October 2016 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Samora Machel Avenue from 09h00 to 12h00.