Churches Asked To Deal With Satanism At Harare Remand Prison

Zimondi’s deputy, Huggins Machingauta, said the continued stay of the satanists at the prison is “worrying”.

“I take it today here we have members of different church denominations at this meeting. There are satanists detained just behind us, find ways of assisting them,” Zimondi pleaded to prison stakeholders whom he was engaging for assistance.

Remand Prison is housing two Congolese nationals and a Rwandese after they appealed to prison authorities to start their satanism church at Tongogara Refugee Camp in Chipinge.

While detained at Mutare Remand Prison authorities pleaded to separate the three,Busy Mana Thenetse,George Renee Lungange and Ngezi Bragston so that they would not influence fellow inmates to follow their satanistic church.

Last week two of the satanists told journalists at the prison that authorities were preventing them from following their tradition.

They said that the Zimbabwean authority should either quickly deport them or allow them to follow their religion while in prison.

Fellow inmates told journalist at the prison last week that, the two, when they arrived caused a stir after demanding human blood, a coffin and a red cloth so that they can demonstrate their power.

“We are a Christian country and we do not subscribe to their religion,” said Machingauta. We have since engaged the relevant authorities to fast track their deportation but the process seems to be taking long.”

ZPS spokesperson Superintendent, Elizabeth Banda, said:
“We must think about the safety of officers who spend most of their time with these people. We are not happy with the satiation as we strongly believe their interaction with these satanists might also affect their private lives.”

Dianah Pazvakavambwa, a Prison Ministry Coordinator with Faith Ministries, said they will pray for both officers and the satanists.