Circumcised Male Parts Used For Mubobobo Acts Unearthed

Chichera farm,Harare,December 31, 2013-There was shock and horror at Chichera farm  near Westgate shopping centre in the capital on the new year’s eve after some male members of  farming community  confessed after being  caught  by a hired traditional healer (tsikamutanda)with magic they  were using  to have sex (mubobobo) with  unsuspecting  local women.

The traditional healer unearthed horns, circumcised male private parts wearing condoms and various items which were being used for Mubobobo.

Radio VOP caught up with the tsikamutanda Morrious Mbofana who calls himself Sekuru Maguranyanga, parading the farming community after the cleansing ceremony.

Sekuru Maguranyanga said he was approached by the leadership of the farm while he was in his Zvimba rural area.

“They came to me and asked if I could assist them. They said their people mostly women were having sleepless nights and nightmares caused by suspected use of magic by unknown males who were sleeping with them while they were not aware. That is how I came here.

“Over the past three days I managed to capture a lot of things which were being used to have sex with unsuspecting women of this community, “said Sekuru Maguranyanga.

John Ojesi the Chichera farmworkers  chairperson said they invited Sekuru Maguranyanga at the request of the female members of the farming community.

“When I received the complaints from the people here I contacted the owners of this farm who were in Zambia who agreed that it was possible for us to hire Sekuru Maguranyanga.

They said they were opposed to politics during the cleansing ceremony .I then proceeded to Sekuru Maguranyanga who said he wanted $2 from each household. I came back and briefed my community which mobilized the cash for him to come here. That is why you are seeing him here, ”Ojesi narrated.

Some of the people who were caught with the magic confessed before this news crew.

“Sekuru Maguranyanga found a snake which was in the bag in my bedroom. The snake belongs to me “, said a middle aged man who identified himself as Matibhiri.

“I was keeping a dumwa which I was using to lure women and Sekuru unearthed it from within my pants during the cleansing ceremony, “said another man who declined to be named.

” I got into my house on the instruction of Sekuru and together we discovered surprising things which for all along I was not aware of. Sekuru then told me that the magic was put in my house by someone else, and I want to thank him for that,“ testified another resident.

Several women from the farming community could not hide their joy to this news crew.

“We are now relieved. We were experiencing some nightmares and we were confident that here were some culprits who were using us. As you can witness some of these people are not denying that they were using us, and you have seen and heard them yourselves confessing, “shouted a middle-aged woman from a distance

“We want to thank Sekuru Maguranyanga for coming to our rescue. But we want these men who have confessed that they were using us to be arrested. We are saying what they were doing to us was rape. We wish the police could come and take them to jail,” another bitter elderly woman said.

Sheila Gomo said,“ We are confident that Sekuru is doing a good job. All the women here are convinced that what he is doing is genuine. We say so because all those who were caught with their magic have confessed and testified.”

According to Sekuru Maguranyanga those found in possession of magic were cleansed using traditional herbs before destroying the items with fire.

It could not be established how the circumcised male parts were collected for use as mubobobo. The handsomely sponsored male circumcision programme is highly publicised in the press,radio and television and has received tremendous support from some politicians and religious leaders.