City of Cape Town takes over Zim gvt property

The property in the centre of Cape Town’s at number 55 and 53 Kuyper Street  is one of many others that a group of Zimbabwean farmers want
to execute as compensation claim for losing the farms under President Robert Mugabe’s controversial land reform programme of 2000. South African television ETV reported that the city had taken over the
house and is renovating it at a cost of R 300 000 which expects to get back from the Zimbabwean government failure of which the property will
be put under the hammer.
A city of Cape Town official told the television station that the property had become inhabitable and was way out of the city’s standards. He said they had initially thought of destroying it but
opted to renovate and make it fit for habitation. The building, which has been vandalized since the consulate closed in 2006, is still listed on the Internet as a functioning consulate.
Media reports say the property which is still owned by the Zimbabwean government still has to pay the City of Cape Town outstanding rates amounting to R25 000.
The property is said to have lost its roof sheeting, window panes, and taps while parts of the floor are covered in faeces.
An official at the Zimbabwe Embassy said the matter was going to be discussed by the Zimbabwean government in Harare.
However an official at the Foreign Affairs told Radio VOP Wednesday that they are yet to get the report of the take over.
“We don’t have that case but in some such cases we wait for a report from our Embassy in Pretoria before taking action,” said the official in a terse response.