Civic Society Expect Full Implementation Of SADC Resolution

Zimbabwe is expected to be discussed on the sidelines of a Common Market of Eastern and Southern African (Comesa) meeting underway at the Sandton Covention Centre. Zimbabwe’s deliberations are exptected to take  place later in the evening.

Regional co-ordinator of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, Dewa Mavhinga, told Radio VOP that it was high time SADC put in place systems that will ensure real progress is experienced on the ground.

“SADC should put in place mechanisms that will safeguard the roadmap to elections, elections themselves and the environment in the post elections,” he said.

Busani Ncube from Bulawayo Agenda added that the problems were more on translating what is on paper and what transpires on the ground and urged SADC to ensure that the road map is water tight to ensure real reforms and not cosmetic ones.

“SADC should ensure that a clear roadmap is put in place and should also ensure that it is followed,” said Ncube. He also said that monitoring implementation has been the main setback but added that it had registered success as far as resolving the Zimbabwean crisis is concerned.

“SADC has been successful in the past as far as remedying the Zimbabwean problems is concerned. The fact that we have an inclusive government is one clear sign that attests to SADC’s success. The resolution of the SADC summit in Livingstone and the calling of this summit shows how proactive SADC has been in trying to find a solution to the crisis,” Ncube told Radio VOP.

Madock Chivasa of the National Cosntitutional Assembly (NCA) said as civil society they had submitted a clear roadmap to the South African President and mediator on their preferred way forward. “We have submitted a clear roadmap to the mediator and we believe that our recommendations will form part of the resolutions that will come out of this summit.”

Among others, the civic society organisations are calling for demilitarisation of state corporations and implementation of reforms in the media, security sector and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that has been accused of being partisan in the past.