Cleansing Ceremony For Tsvangirai

The villagers had unanimously agreed to host a special commemmorative ceremony in honour of Premier Tsvangirai who two weeks ago visited the area for the first time on a mission to assess the impact of drought since his assumption of office as Prime Minister in a coalition government with President Mugabe and Arthur Mutambara of the smaller MDC faction.
Bota, in the heart of Zaka Central, is one of the three out of four constituencies in the districts that are under an MDC-T MP and the area which bore the brunt of a clampdwon on oppossition supporters in the run up to the discredited June 27 2008 presidential run-off.
After Tsvangirai visited the area a fortnight ago,Chief Bota convinced his subjects to consider hosting a special ceremony in honour of the popular MDC leader.
Chief Bota said it was an honour for him and his subjects to have been visited by Tsvangirai.
”Since his entrance into politics, I had not have the opportunity to see him  face to face and only for him to come here recently asking us about the issue of drought and its likely effects. To us that is what good leaders do, going right down to the people asking them about what they need, that was an honour to us that is why we decided to have this special ceremony in his honour,”said Chief Bota.
In a veiled attack on President Mugabe, Chief Bota said he now understood why the MDC leader was always being beaten by the previous government.
”I saw a character in him that convinced me that he was born to lead, he is very passionate about the plight of others especially the poor and I saw for myself why they( previous government) had to beat him the way they did because he identifies with the needs of the common man,”said the Chief.
The unassuming Chief Bota, who in a departure from other chiefs who are ardent bootlickers of President Mugabe and Zanu PF, mantains that he will never tolerate people who use violence to achieve political power.
He disclosed that the assumption of the Premier post by Tsvangirai was a vindication to all those people in his area who were either killed or maimed by Zanu PF in the run up to the bloody presidential run-off held in 2008 but which the MDC leader had to withdraw from due to increased violence on his supporters.  
The chief said the commemmorative ceremony in honour of Tsvangirai was funded by the villagers themselves saying good leaders would always be respected and honoured by their subjects.