Clergyman in drive to win 1 million “economically hopeless souls”

By Stephen Chadenga

Founder of Christ in Action International, Apostle Trevor King who a few
years ago made headlines after claiming to restore sight has said he
has set target of converting one million people who have been driven
into drugs and other vices as a result of the economic meltdown
hitting the country.
King said jobless youths were turning to dangerous drugs and other
vices after losing hope because of the economic problems faced by many

“The moral decadence is just too much in the country,” King told
Radio VOP in an interview.

“We have many youths who have resorted to drugs, more young girls
turning to prostitution and the crime rate is just high with people
killing each other on flimsy reasons.
He added: “There is need for massive deliverance and healing in the
country and this year I have set a target of converting one million

King who in recent years held crusades in Asian countries such as
India, China and Hong Kong said the country was sitting on a “moral
time bomb” and there was need for intervention from religious leaders.

“There are going to be crusades throughout the country as we endeavour
to reach all corners and fill Zimbabweans with the love of Christ,” he

“People should not despair of the current challenges we are facing as
a country. There is light at the end of the tunnel and therefore no
need to engage in immoral behaviour.”

The man of the cloth also called on people to be peaceful especially
after this month’s by elections and next year’s harmonised