Clinic Turns Away MDC Supporters

Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Jani Vharendini, said: “We are now worried because our officials based in Bikita are no longer able to get a medical treatment at some clinics. They are just turned away without any concrete reason. Those who insist on getting treatment are just neglected until they leave the clinic without getting any service.”

He said the matter had been reported to the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC) in Masvingo to intervene.

“It’s true that some rogue war veterans who are nurses at the two hospitals and their young militia nurses who we are certain underwent the Border Gezi  training before being recruited as nurses by Zanu (PF) are sending away our supporters,” MDC provincial Information director,  Honest Makanyire, also told this Radio VOP reporter who had visited the area.
“They are denying them treatment because they say the medical institutions belong to Zanu (PF) and this is dangerous to villagers who end up losing their lives, while struggling pregnant mothers are left with no option than to deliver their babies at home.”

Makanyire alleged the nurses were being led by their leader who is a self –proclaimed war veteran, Tafara Mabasa at Bikita district hospital. He alleged Mabasa had openly declared the institution was a no go area for the MDC’s at a Zanu (PF) rally held in Bikita early this year.

“I am also a victim of this after I got turned away by Mabasa and his youth militia nurses, said Bikita MDC chairman, Stephen Saidi.

“I was suffering from malaria and they openly told me to go to MDC hospitals especially those owned by western countries. I had to travel to Masvingo were I later got treatment.”

“But the situation is tricky for those who cannot afford to travel to other places to get treatment. They will end up dying in their houses,” he said.

One MDC supporter was openly told to go and seek treatment from Tsvangirai. She also accused Mabasa for being at the centre of harassing patients.

Efforts to get a comment from Mabasa were fruitless. The Zanu (PF) provincial chairman, Lovemore Matuke said: “I have no comment for you.“ Masvingo Provincial Medical Director Robert Mudyiradima could not be reached for a comment.