Coalition Govt A Mixture Of Oil And Water: Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai, who was consulting his party supporters on the possibility of holding elections next year, said the ballot was the only way out of frustrations by Zanu (PF) which continued to violate the Global Political Agreement (GPA) which gave birth to the coalition government.

“The coalition government is like a mixture of oil and water, very unrelated and an unworkable combination. Zanu (PF) is not honouring the GPA. I am treated as a junior partner, yet I beat Mugabe in the elections. Mugabe wants to frustrate us so that we pull out, but we will not. It is better to fight from within,” Tsvangirai told his supporters.

He said the inclusive government was a temporary creature that should come to an end when its lifespan expires next year.

“Power sharing worldwide has never worked 50/50. But we had to get into the inclusive government and lobby for the constitution and reform some electoral laws, which also help set the stage for elections fair.

“Principals went into the inclusive government with different aims. Mugabe is concerned about grabbing more power, when we are busy trying to emancipate the people of Zimbabwe. It is now appearing as if the MDC is failing, yet it is Mugabe’s tactics to discredit us.”

Tsvangirai said he will participate in the polls provided they are free of violence and the playing field is even.